AI for Contact
Center Optimization

Dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs in days
with the most powerful self-adapting analytics and automation

Operational Impact Assured - Every Time!

CSat improved by up to 20%  FCR Improved by 50%
AHT reduced by 35% Customer Churn reduced by 18%
See it for yourselves by browsing our customer success case study library

Immediate effect

Bespoke models, created in just hours by non data scientists, deliver high performance machine learning.

Bespoke and highly detailed

Complex concept analysis extracts the most
granular, actionable insight possible from your
data, guaranteeing immediate effective change.

Minimal human effort

Proprietary Human-in-the-Loop technology accelerates the creation and deployment of powerful machine learning models.

Detailed insight

Go beyond sentiment analysis with accurate and automated categorization of topics, sentiment,
and emotional intent.

Listen to your customers in real-time

Accurate Early Warning system allows for immediate
and effective process change - protect yourself
from sudden NPS drops.

Instantly Operationalize

By API or UI working with any system.
Machine learning models that provide speed and ease for classifying your data.

Booster Packs

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in our Booster Packs.

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How it works

Proprietary technology allows granular, bespoke,
dynamically updating models to be generated rapidly.

Minimal data input

Human in the loop assisted
machine learning – minimal
input from non-data scientists.

Instantly Operationalize

Speed to outcome with our UI or API.

Classify bespoke data

Use all of your data to gain clear recommendations on reducing AHT, improving FCR, and CSat.

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