PrediCX - Machine Learning made simple

Minimum effort, maximum performance!
Easy-to-deploy, scalable AI for
unstructured text data.

Unique features

Our full-stack approach to machine learning


Market-Leading Accuracy


Minimal human input with our proprietary Optimized Learning Technology ensures the highest accuracy possible.


Intelligent labeling


PrediCX will label concepts, not keywords, accounting for the subtleties of sentiment and context.


Insight and early warning


Real-time labelling and automation allows you to flag issues before they grow, and extract clear, actionable insight.


Hassle-free modelling


Our user-friendly interface and intuitive modelling make Machine Learning easy to deploy, maintain, and improve.


Dynamically updating models


Tune models to improve performance or update projects at any point, with no need for re-modelling or loss in performance.


Consolidate your data


Combine siloes and use all of your unstructured text data, unlocking business-transforming insight.

Core technology

Machine Learning in a few clicks!

Deploy PrediCX in 3 easy steps!


Upload your records and labels to PrediCX.


Label a handful of records per label to kick off Optimized Learning.


Tune, tweak and refine - explicit performance informs your next steps!

Integrates with:

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