Call Center Analytics & Call Center Automation

Use our machine learning to automatically analyse ALL of your customer data
across ALL channels. Find out how topics, scenarios and agents are impacting
your customer experience & call center operations.

Our interaction analytics can transform contact centers around specific KPIs or metrics.
They are designed to give easy, quick wins with high impact.

Contact centers using our analytics typically benefit from a 20% increase in customer satisfaction,
a 20% reduction in ‘dropped shopping baskets’, a 5% reduction in contact volumes
and 25% increased efficiency in AHT, all within 4 weeks of using our software.

Call Centers across the world are using our text analytics software to:


Reduce AHT & MTTR

Reduce AHT by up to 10% within a couple of weeks, with further reductions of up to 35%. Learn which issues and/or agents are causing variable AHT and identify the root causes.


Target Agent Coaching

Automatically and accurately analyze all conversations for detailed topic and agent sentiment, so you know how a particular agent is performing and what coaching they might benefit from.


Get early warnings of issues

Be prepared for specific issues and potential peaks in traffic by analyzing hidden data, only identifiable by AI.  We tell you it’s a problem before it even exists.


Classify automatically

Automatically classify every customer interaction and feedback. Our software can identify and classify multiple sentiments and intents within a single piece of customer feedback.


Reduce ACW

Forget spending time capturing information that was already discussed. Our software automatically identifies and enters wrap up codes more accurately.


Process complaints

Handle complaints faster and more efficiently whatever the channel. Our analytics flags and organises any complaints so you can deal with them as they arrive.

How does it work?

Our AI-powered classification models automatically and accurately tags all contact center feedback in near-real time using ‘concepts’, not keywords. This short video explains how it works.

Transform your call center operations - get more from your customer data

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