Omni-channel Analytics

Being truly Omni-channel also allows you to have one single view of the customer
so you can integrate feedback from different sources into one platform, reduce
channel switching and push customers to the most cost-effective channel
that is right for them.

We can show you which parts of your omni-channel strategy can be improved, where customers
are switching, what your customers are telling you and where you can make operational efficiencies,
all whilst improving your customer experience.

Companies worldwide are using our omni-channel analytics to:


Triage Customer Feedback

Deliver service in your customer’s preferred channel first-time. Our omni-channel analytics analyzes every interaction and acts as a triage to the best channel for you and the customer.


Train & Tune Chatbots

Our omni-channel analytics enable your chatbots to stay relevant and improve the capability to understand its own uncertainty. We automatically classify chatbot interactions and only ask for assistance from a human to classify or ‘label’ the interactions and uses the information to train the models itself.


Reduce Channel Switch

Understand the causes of channel failure and what drives customers to switch. Understand the amount and area of failure that you’re handling to help inform your channel strategy.


Optimize Chat

Optimize your live chat channel to improve the speed of resolution,
provide more relevant responses and streamline your chat optimization process. Automatic labeling and multi-label classification identifies and classifies multiple sentiments and intents within a single piece of customer feedback.


Reduce Customer Effort

Identify which channels your customers are best suited to – and which are best for each type of interaction. Reduce customer effort by getting their preferred channel first-time.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Whether it’s reducing channel failure, channel switch or reducing overall contact volume, having a single overarching view of all your channels, including the demand drivers, will give you a much better chance of improving efficiencies.

How does it work?

Our Omni-channel analytics automatically and accurately tags all customer feedback, across all channels, in near-real time using ‘concepts’, not keywords. This short video explains how it works.

Give your customers a true Omni-channel experience

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